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ADXL345 power consumption question

Question asked by quickembed on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by neilzhao
  • In order to detect the attitude changes, we tried to work for low power mode, and set the threshold automatically interrupts.
  • But power is still in more than 20 uA, about 20 mAh button batteries can only work for less than 1000 hours, which is 30 days, is too short.
  • We try to sleep and wake up again, when sleep, the current extremely low, normal.
  • at the time of wake up work, about 20 to 50 ua, also normal.
  • But when the time of the switch between sleep and wake up, current is up to 500 ua, is this normal?
  • If the software switch cause large current, how hardware control switch can do?
  • Hope:
  • 1, switch when not much additional power loss
  • 2, or working current low to 1 uA
  • Purpose is low power detecting posture change (slow change, in seconds)