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Question asked by jeremyW on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by jeremyW

I'm having trouble with AGC on my AD-FMCOMMS3 in FDD mode.  The AGC state machine is pretty complex.  Basically my request is simpleton.  I want to let fast attack AGC do it's thing and find my training sequence signal.  It does this well.  But when I pull the EN_AGC pin, I want to freeze the gains so I can get a packet through the thing.  It would be ideal to really freeze as much of the entire chip as possible.  It seem like in my config the EN_AGC pin "works" sometimes but then not others.  It could be popping into state 4 or something?  Does anyone have a example of a config where this pin is used and working.  With the gain bouncing around I can't use this chip for much other than finding preambles.