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SpiMasterSlaveTest example?

Question asked by amf on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2016 by amf

I noticed that there are examples not only in ADI's SDK download, but also in IAR's download of examples for the ADI ADuCM350 chip ... and they're not all the same.  There's an interesting example in the IAR download which is not in the SDK download.


The IAR examples' download contains an ADuCM350 example named "SpiMasterSlaveTest" (which requires running on two separate eval boards).  Is this supposed to work?  Or was there some problem with it, and that's why it was not included in ADI's SDK?


I tested it as a master, without a slave to talk to, and it didn't fail in the way I expected.  (I thought it would print out that it couldn't find a slave, see attached)  Is it supposed to work?   I hope so, because I have a second eval board on the way.