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ADG801 sinks current when enabled

Question asked by scottp16 on Apr 17, 2011
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I am currently working with the ADG801, using it to control the flow of low power at DC.  I understand my application is not RF, however, since the device I am using is a switch that can also be used in RF signal applications I figured this would be as good of a location to post as any.


The problem I am seeing is the ADG801 IC is sinking nearly 17 uA into the VDD pin of the device if the 'IN' control pin is enabled.  Then once the IN control pin is grounded, the sinking of current into the VDD pin reduces back to the nA range.  Has anyone else ever seen this issue before?  Oddly enough, the functionality of the switch other than the current discharge is still normal; it still switches the S to D (or likewise, D to S) signal path correctly as it did when

the component was new and likewise wasn't discharging this extra current.


Unfortunately, my application requires extremely low power losses, so this extra 17 uA being discharged is critical.


I am fairly certain my design does not violate any of the 'maximum ratings' in regards to excessive voltages or currents.  The circuit is designed so the voltage applied to VDD is higher than the voltage that would be seen at any of the other pins.  However, it is impossible to rule out that something accidently happened during testing that could have partially damaged the IC, for instance an accidental short somewhere that could caused a brief current surge.


Has anybody else experienced this problem before, and if so what caused it in their particular application?