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nanoDAC - Where is the important performance information located within the datasheet?

Question asked by Padraic Employee on Apr 15, 2011

The specification table contained in the datasheet contains the most import information related to the DAC performance.


Here we see an example of the specifications table that is contained within the first few pages of the datasheet for all our nanoDACS.


Above the table of specifications(just under the heading SPECIFICATIONS) we give the conditions under which specifications are guaranteed. Parts are tested through production to meet the conditions quoted. Usually supply ranges, reference conditions and load conditions are quoted in this area.


The Static performance section has information such as INL,DNL and the main DC linearity specification.


Supply current and voltage information can be found in the power requirements section.


The AC Characteristics section includes settling time glitch and other AC parameters.


The footnotes section is important to read. This often indicates the temperature range of the device.