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Debugging Multi-Threaded VDK-Applications

Question asked by gpetrowitsch on Apr 15, 2011
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we often see the problem in multi-threaded VDK-applications, that

some thread is blocked on a mutex or semaphore, but we don't

know, at which point this happened, or which thread owns the mutex...


I think, that the system must have lots of information that would be

VERY helpful in such a case like

- current calling stack of any thread

- current instruction executed by any thread

- owner of any mutex


Unfortunately the IDDE doesn't offer any possibilites to view such

information. One can only find out about the currently running thread.

The very general information offered by the VDK-status view is only

of very limited help in cases like deadlocks or infinite blocks on semaphores.


Is there any hidden feature or workaround that would provide the above

mentioned info.


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