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ADRF6620 S-parameters data

Question asked by tak on Jul 8, 2015
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I downloaded ADRF6620 S-parameters files from the website and, there are two s2p files.

Does "MIXEROUTPUT_deembeded.s2p" file data measure from RF input to Mixer output?

Could you let me know more detail about measurement condition?

I think it might be RF IN to Mixer output data (and baluns losses are de-embedded). Reference resistance is 75 ohm. Am I correct?


The background is I'd like to know the power gain value instead of voltage gain from RF INPUT to MIXER OUTPUT.

Data sheet stated voltage conversion Gain is -2dB (@fIF = 200MHz, fRF = 900MHz).


My customer's measured value was around -5dB at power gain. (Including the Balun loss at the evaluation board)

I saw that S-parameter file data it stated at S21 (around 200MHz) is -4.6dB at MAG. Looks like closely results.


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