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adv7511 bring-up

Question asked by Kal on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by rejeesh


I am trying to do some custom adv7511 HDL design to display a test pattern (or anything actually) on my zc706 board. I made an IP out of the axi_hdmi_tx block from analog hdl library and instantiated it with a 148.5 MHz hdmi_clock. I am using a i2c script I found here (I can post it if necessary) and I am using it with i2cset to write into the adv7511. I am also writing into the axi_hdmi_tx ip registers to take it off reset and putting it into source select const mode at 1920x1080 mode. I can read the adv7511 registers and I can see that monitor sense is on when the cable is connected. The problem is that I program the axi_hdmi_tx and write to i2c registers of adv7511 and my monitor just wakes up for a little while to tell me there is no hdmi link and goes back to sleep. I know this post is bereft of details but does anyone have any high-level suggestions or should post my i2c register values and axi_hdmi_tx values to debug this issue?


Any and all suggestions are welcome.