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ADAU1452 to generate a DC control voltage for VCA

Question asked by spacecharge on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by mmmike

Hi people,


I'm an analog engineer with close to zero digital experience.  Nevertheless I'm curious about the possibility of using the ADAU1452 to generate a DC control voltage to drive a VCA, and I wanted to see if you all think I'm barking up the right tree here...


I am looking for a way to:


1)  Convert an analog audio signal to digital

2)  Rectify the audio in the digital domain, creating an absolute-value DC signal

3)  Apply some time constants to the DC signal, slowing the rise and fall times to user-definable time constants

4)  Convert the resulting signal to an analog DC output.


After scratching the surface, it seems like the ADAU1452 product, in conjunction with SigmaStudio, is a solid way to go.  The chip has extensive capabilities, way beyond my requirements, which would leave me plenty of room to drastically overcomplicate the original simple idea into a long-term, never-ending development idea, which is exactly my idea of a good time!


Before I get the eval board and start committing time to this, I thought I'd check in here and see if you more experienced folk don't steer me in some other direction first.


Pardon the vague question!  Just a sanity check, really.  Thanks!