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ADV7481 Eval Board - No HDMI Audio Out

Question asked by Mansoor_1 on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2015 by mattp

We are testing “ADV7481 Evaluation Board”, and as per the User Guide, installed the software & selected scripts, downloaded from FTP server as recommended.


Scripts selected:

  1. ADV7511 à HDMI-BACKEND à 2_04_720p60_8_bit_422_SDR_AV_codes_Input_Mode/ 2_05_1080i30_8_bit_422_SDR_AV_codes_Input_Mode
  2. ADV7481ES3C à 01_HDMI_Input_scripts à 1_32_HDMI_to_Pixel_Port_Strereo_I2S_audio_SDR8av_Out/ 1_33_HDMI_to_Pixel_Port_TDM_audio_SDR8av_Out


With the above selected scripts, Output HDMI Video is playing, but there is no Audio at the HDMI output.

Can you please let us know what might be the issue.