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ADE7953 with CT connection

Question asked by Lyncheese on Jul 6, 2015
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Could anyone provide me a guide in how to connect the ADE7953, if I want to use CT as the current sensor, please ?

I need to know which jumper will be closed/opened to make my own board based from the jumper configuration.

I ever ask about the connection with the Shunt, it works and the AN-1118 and AN-639 are quite helpful.

But, there is no single figure for the single phase using the CT.

So far, I just know how to calculate the Burden Resistor for the CT and I will need the phase and gain calibration.

I also have been looking at this thread :

But, I'm afraid our application is different and the configuration of the components will be different.

In my application, I just want to use the CT as the sensor to replace the previous Shunt to make it a non-invasive sensor.


I don't know anything about the CT.

So, I have some questions regarding to the CT :

     *What is the differences, If I attached the CT at neutral or phase ?

     *Can I used differential voltage configuration or single-ended configuration wth CT ?

          I prefer the single-ended because of it's simplicity, but I dont know whether I could used it using CT.

     *Another question is (outbox of CT) :

          From my experience using the ADE7953 with Shunt. I have to know which one the Phase and which one the neutral,

          when I plug it to my wall socket.

          So, If I plug it in a wrong direction I believe the ADE7953 won't works.

          Any advice in How to solve this problem ?

          So, when people use my device, they don't need to care which one is the Phse/Neutral on their wall socket.


Thank you.

Warm regards.