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Hittite HMC-MDB277 LO frequency

Question asked by Mixerk on Jul 6, 2015
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Hello~ I'd like to use a mixer for an automotive radar system.

I have a question about the mixer whose part number is Hittite HMC-MDB277.

When I see the datasheet of the mixer, it says LO frequency range is from 70 to 90 GHz. Is it possible to use it for LO frequency of 63 GHz? Please let me know the deterioration of the performance when I use it for LO frequency of 63 GHz.


My desired specs proceed as follows.

IF frequency : 13~18 GHz

LO frequency : 63 GHz

RF frequency : 76~81 GHz


Thank you very much and I hope you could answer ASAP.


Best regards,

Minseok Kim