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AD9984A - problems with rapid and large change in RGB values

Question asked by staringlizard on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by mattp

Hi EZ,


I have made a custom board using the AD9984A. I am pretty happy with it so far and I got everything running rather good. The RGB source is running at 13.5Mhz (tested with lower frequency with same problem) and is 288p (or 576i, whichever you like).

However I have one problem that I find is hard to solve. I have played around with pretty much every register the device have without success.


I have attached 2 images where you can see the problem clearly. In one picture you can see pink pixel just after the black color and in the other you see green pixel in front of the black color.


I have one hint, when I set register 0x23 (Sync Filter Window Width) close to zero (like 3) I get the feeling that the wrong colored pixels disappear sometimes, but very hard to see since the picture then begins to flicker and stutter violently horizontally.


I am fairly sure that this problem is related to the AD9984A asic.

To me it almost seems that the 3 RGB signals are a tad out of sync with each other ?

Would you agree ? have you seen anything like this before ? any suggestions ? change values on input capacitors ?


You can find schematics, 3d model, gerber and more information here:

Amiv 2.0


I also made some demonstration video on youtube here:

AMIV 2.0 - Demo - YouTube

(especially at 2:16)