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Typical values for RMS Time Constant, Decay Constant in Speech applications

Question asked by ShyamN on Apr 12, 2011
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In several SigmaStudio Algorithms, time constant parameters like RMS TC, Decay are used to set attack / release / hold times for audio signal processing. 1) When dealing with human speech input, what are the typical values for these parameters?


Using modulated sinewaves as inputs, I am trying to test the functionality of dynamic processor algorithms. I am unable to see the desired effect in the output signal and I am guessing that the time constants in my DSP Project are not set right.

2) What does a RMS Time Constant of 10 dB/s mean?

3) What does a Hold Time of 10 ms mean?


4) In Compression / Limiter / other dynamic processor algorithms, is 0 dB equivalent to 1VRMS (1.4Vpp)?


5) What is the difference between No Slew (Standard) and Clickless SW Slew Algorithms?