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Question asked by ruohua on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2015 by EckartH

I HAVE addressed a issue about aducm320 MDIO。 but for a few days  no supportor give me a response. what is worse, the note was deleted by someone. why?why?


1. what is the level of MDIO? if connect to CFP CONNECTOR, should we need to convert the level,or pull the MDC/MDIO high?

2. if we download code from PC to ADUCM320 through MDIO,THE  BM should be pull down?   but  in normal opperation ,BM should be high?

3. whether we could connect ADUCM320 to other slaves through MDIO BUS? and what is the recommand circuit?

when ADUCM320 work as a slave in MDIO,what is  the  slave address of MDIO?