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Latest USB to I2C interface compatibility with Evaluation soft

Question asked by osaint on Apr 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2011 by GuenterL

Dear all,


I need to add USB/I2C controller into my own testboard using AD98xx IC that works with DEPL software to change internal registers.

Previous appnote and evaluation boards were using Cypress AN2126S chip, then later ADI switched to CY7C64713  as AN21xx  are no more available.

CY7C64713  firmware is available on AD's ftp to be uploaded into separated EEPROM.


Now with all the new ICs ADV7xxx  it seems that latest Evaluation board are using  different approach  even maybe with FTD ICs, but not sure.


1. Can DEPL Evaluation soft version 3.0 (5/28/2004)  support CY7C64713 controller IC (2006) ?


2. If not where can I download latest DEPL compatible with CY7C64713?


3. Is there any better way as today  ?   Can I use latest "DVPEval"  to debug settings of  old AD98xx chips ?  Which controller IC & firmware should I get ?



Sorry for posting so many question, I really appreciate your help.