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SPI flash Problem

Question asked by prashant10121986 on Apr 12, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2011 by prashant10121986

Hi Everyone,

I have problem with my SPI flash memory.

I am using 525 DSP and 16M16 SDRAM Memory. All 4 banks of SDRAM are working properly, But SPI flash is not working ie I have taken two array of "write_data" and "received data" in SDRAM memory. I also have the program of writing and reading from SPI flash memory. In write_data array I am filling 22 for 100000bytes of data manually, but in received data array I am getting first 512bytes as "00" and next remaining bytes will be 22(same as I written).


Note: I have already run the code which is used to configure the page size of SPI flash to 512bytes.


Please help me to resolve this problem as early as possible.


Thanks & Regards,