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USB Extender and booting from flash

Question asked by matt.huff on Apr 11, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2011 by vishwanath

Ok, so I've been working with the USB Extender and the Ez-Kit 21369 for a while now.  Right now I've run into a problem that has got me stumped.  I have a program which uses the bulk usb driver to connect to a pc.  When running via emulator, the program works perfectly.  When I load to parallel flash and boot, the program starts up and runs like I would expect (I can verify a few things by watching how LEDs light up, and start blinking in certain patterns).  The problem is, as soon as I try to get the pc to connect and start receiving data, the DSP hangs.  The host won't connect.  In order to get the DSP up and running again I have to restart.  It seems it is getting stuck initializing usb comms with the host.


I checked with the emulator to make sure the program was functional.  As long as I'm using the emulator I can connect to the USB extender with my pc.  If I don't, no luck.


Has anybody had this issue, or does anybody know why this would be an issue?  I'm using all the DAI pins for SPORTs 0 through 7 for data collection.  I'm not using any of the DPI pins. This shouldn't be an issue should it?