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Programming the AD9835 and AD9958 via PIC

Question asked by RMLEARNEY on Apr 11, 2011
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I know this is only my second question to this board, but I hope it receives the same excellent answers as my previous post.


My project has changed slightly from my original post and I was first looking at taking the output of my AD9835 and splitting it into 2 and then having a complicated op-amp setup to independently control the phase of each output.


However, I've recently rethought things and feel the AD9958 would be better suited to my application as it offers independent control of phase on its 2 synchronised output channels.


My question is this -


Will I have to rewrite all my control code from the AD9835 for the AD9958 or just add an extra routine to control phase? Both chips need a 32-bit frequency tuning word, so do they have the same startup sequence etc. that would let me just drop my old AD9835 code in?


As an additional question, is there any advice out there for prototyping with the AD9958 - I can't find a 56-LFCSP adaptor for the life of me, so does anyone have a good adaptor board schematic I could get made up to link into my breadboard?


Many thanks,


-Rob Learney.