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Question asked by JulianoCioffi on Jul 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by JulianoCioffi

I am Juliano K. Cioffi,  and I am FAE from Brazil. I have been to the last training in Dublin where I could meet the tool.


Congratulations for all your work, it is very useful for us to point solutions to our customers.


I developed hardware solutions as well programing routines for several products, and sometimes a customer selects something that we could not predict, or makes mistakes when using the product..


When I select in the tool:


Vin = 4V – 50V

Vout = 9V @ 0.2 A 

Tmax 55C


The tool points me to ADP161x SEPICdesigner.


I tried most of the combinations and could not find a solution for this one.. I get some error messages on ideal components and some other ones. Also it suggested me inside the tool to use the coupled sepic tool but I was not able to find a full BOM solution due to ideal components and some other errors also.


Can you help me find where am I going wrong on this one?


Thanks a lot