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BF54x EPPI 16-bit transmit: Y-C byte alignment (blanking generation).

Question asked by RichardJ on Apr 8, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2011 by RichardJ

I'd like to use EPPI1 in 16-bit transmit mode with blanking generation to output frames composed of (Cb,Y),(Cr,Y) pixels (8-bit Y, 8-bit C) as described on P15-17 of the hardware ref manual.


I've been trying to determine which PPI pins I'd see the 'Y' and 0x10 blanking bytes on and thus which I'd see 'Cb','Cr' and 0x80 blanking bytes on.

There is a diagram but as with other diagrams in there, some useful info is missing, in this case which half is which, see attached


I found a hint on page 15-62 table 15-39, and again on the following table, here [15:8]=chroma, [7:0]=luma, but nothing definitive and it matters as the BF54x is generating the blanking values 0x10 and 0x80. I'd rather know than infer from a mode I'm not using


Any clues, I bet it's in there but I've not found it?