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USB Extender Interrupt Driven Rcv

Question asked by matt.huff on Apr 7, 2011
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I'm working with the EZ Kit and the USB Extender.  I am using the kit to collect data in real time (~600Hz).  I am constantly packaging this data and sending it over the USB.  It is very important that this is disturbed as little as possible.


Enter my issue.  I need to be able to send a packet every once in a great while upon a user request.  I would use the adi_dev_Read function, however it causes the process to wait until there is input from the user, which obviously causes issues with my data collection process.  Also, my data is being read using SPORT interrupts  I know that the unit gets interrupted to run the setup process when the host sends a open device command.  I want to use a similar interrupt style every time the host sends a data packet, (or perhaps a send request).


Is there a signal the host sends when a packet is sent (like when trying to establish connection)?  I am assuming there is considering this is how the first communication sequence is setup.


Any help would be very appreciated.


Oh and I'm using the Sharc 21369.