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AD9984A color problems

Question asked by pjwhite on Apr 7, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by raymondcarter

We are using an Analog Devices AD9984A display interface to convert RGB signals to DVI.  Everything is working fine, except that about ¾ of the time, images will randomly take on a strange color tint -- sometimes everything is bluish, other times green or brown or pink.   This color offset happens when the video mode changes or is otherwise reset, and then remains constant.  This happens in all of the various image resolutions we support.  I have played with the auto-gain matching, clamp placement and duration and auto offset controls with no luck.


I'm thinking the problem is related to the automatic gain-matching of the three color input channels.  The problem seems to be image dependant -- on a flat gray image, there is not a problem.  It seems to happen more often on a more complex pattern.


I can't find any details in the data sheet of exactly how the auto-gain matching really works.  Can this really work on any random image?


Does anyone have any advice that will help?



Paul White