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Question asked by ShulabhGupta on Jul 2, 2015
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I am trying to reproduce the application note results (phase shifts and S-parameters) for a brand new evaluation board of HMC887-LC3. I am however unable to get those results for single-ended operation (desired). Here is the board configuration I got:


LC ~3.5V

VCC = 3.3 V


VAC ~1.7 V

VDCN = VCC = 3.3 V

VDCP = [2.7 V - 3.3 V]

INP = port 1 of the VNA

QP = port 2 of the VNA

INN= DC Block + 50 ohms

QN = DC Block + 50 ohms

Remaining terminals = GND


I want to vary the S21 phase shift as a function of VDCP, over a bandwidth of 10-20 GHz. Can someone please assist in debugging the issue?