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[AD5422] question about timing

Question asked by power-man on Jul 3, 2015
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I have 3 questions about AD5422.


1. There is timing characteristics on the datasheet.

As for t5 and t10, is this meaning we need 5us at least to write it into control register?


AD5422 t5.png


2. During start-up, the customer format RESET and whiting control register.

Sometimes the AD5422 doesn't work.


If the customer hold 150us between reset and whiting control register, the AD5422 works.

Should the customer need to wait 150us? We could not confirm the comment on the datasheet.


3. Should the customer need to set HI level for SDIN if SDIN data is less than 24Bit?

We would like to know how to set the SDIN when the data is not 24Bit.