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Transmit data by KIT KC705 + FMCOMMS2 using ADI IIO Oscilloscope software

Question asked by Thang on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by larsc

Hi everybody,


I am planning to built a system which consists of KINTEX 7 KC705 and FMCOMMS2 to transmit my LTE_10M data and I want my cellphone can be received this data.


First, I use the Bitfile and Linux ELF image, which are downloaded from the follow link ( ), programming into KIT KINTEX KC705 connected to FMCOMMS2.


Then, I use the ADI IIO Oscilloscope software to load LTE_10M data file into KIT KC705 and transmit data by KIT FMCOMMS2. The parametters of TX path are set up as image 1.

Now, I only measure the transmitted signal on SIGNAL ANALYZE of R&S as seen the attached LTE10Mhz_40Mhz clock image.


Could you please show me how to built the system to make my cellphone receive LTE_10M signal from antenna?

I think I will loop the LTE_10M data (about 1000 times) until my cellphone can be received data. Is it ok?





LTE10Mhz_40Mhz clock.PNG