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Which is the current eval board ADP1653's?

Question asked by Kaos on Jul 2, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam,





I can just confirm above 2 eval-boards.

So which is the current board?


I can get some document on your website for EVAL-1653EB.

But ADP1653-EVALZ's one cannot get from your website.

DO YOU HAVE the document of ADP1653-EVALZ?


Our customer will evaluate these boards either.

So I need your detail document for current one.

I think it is ADP1653-EVALZ.


Customer needs 1ch and over 400mA/ch model.

Not ball grid case as WLCSP....also LFCSP.

Customer cannot accept these packages.


Thanks Kaos


DO YOU HAVE the document of ADP1653-EVALZ? Thanks Kaos