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ADP2302/ADP2303; 4 layer PCB required?

Question asked by phoenix710 on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by phoenix710

Hello all:


I'm considering revising a buck converter board that I've designed to use the ADP2302/3 devices instead. I've reviewed both the datasheet and the UG-189 eval datasheet (


My question: as noted by KJBob (, the eval board uses a 4 layer design ("overkill" or needed?). Would a 2-layer design work? Also, there is no spec in either datasheet for whether the board can use 1 oz copper or whether it  should/must be 2 oz.


My product is cost-sensitive and I'd therefore like to eliminate the extra expense of the 4-layer design if possible - but only if the reliability and stability of the circuit is maintained. Ideally, if a 2-layer, 2 oz design suffices then that would be a very attractive solution.


Thanks in advance.