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Sampling of ADCs working or not ?

Question asked by rishijain on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by Prashant

I bought a development kit ADZS-CM408F-EZLITE for use of A/D convertors for analog inputs .

I tested the board by using the TWI_Display Example for which i got a display on the LCD which means I can download compiled code onto the flash and the processor responded.

As mentioned earlier I wanted to use the  ADCs with Analog inputs. For that I was executing the ADCC_Linear example on the kit but it is failing to generate the Samples output file ADCOut.dat.

Is there a way to check or find out if the ADCs are sampling the inputs or which part of the code is not functioning.




I found no errors when I compiled and downloaded it to the kit.