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IIO Multi Plot Oscilloscope

Question asked by maverick on Jul 1, 2015
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I have been working with AD-FMCOMMS3-ebz interfaced with ZED Board. I m using IIO Oscilloscope application to observe the received data. I m using 2 ZED boards+ FMCOMMS3 kept apart and have successfully transmitted sample text files (from Rx channel of one board to Tx channel of the other board) using DAC Buffer output mode in IIO Oscilloscope. I am now trying to achieve full duplex communication.

1. For this I wish to see both Rx and Tx channel data for one board at same time in different capture windows. My questions are :

If so, how can I achieve this??

2. Also I tried to explore the Multi Plot Oscilloscope but it doesn't seem to show any input voltage channels to observe received data. How to resolve this issue??

3. I found out about that I may need to update IIO multi plot oscilloscope. To do this, I will need to run the script. For that I will need to have internet access (to access the GitHub repository and download the the latest updates). how can it be done ?? (will I how use ethernet ?)