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Driver issues for ADE7878: Device will not work on all my computers(3)

Question asked by hughcarmicahel1 on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by hmani


I am trying to setup the ADE7878 analog device to my computer and it will not work. I believe this device is faulty because I have tried to connect it to 3 different working computers and got the same result.  Below are the procedures I took



1) Installed software from website:

2) I then set up the software for the device, then installed the driver onto my computer

3) Finally I reset my computer then plugged in the AdE7878 device into a USB port.


What I found was that the USB didnt make the recognizing hardware jingle (tone ) . this happened on all three computers

1) I went into my device manage and say that the usb was not recognizing the device

2) My computer is saying that the driver was installed correctly

3) The ADE software also does not recognize that the hardware is connected to the computer.


I have attached some pictures corresponding to the problems that  I am see. I hope some can help me with this issue. Thank You