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Mobile studio to analog discovery to ADALM1000

Question asked by mark.allie on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by mark.allie

I have been using the Analog Devices based low cost measurement systems since the Rensselaer Mobile Studio. I teach at the University of Wisconsin Madison. We purchase about 100 devices per semester. I was recently given a ADALM1000 at a conference. I like the unit. I want to use it for my classes where I am presently using the Analog Discovery. I find it unusable in the present form. All it would have needed was an 8 pin header instead of the six pin header to bring out the analog ins and outs. I could have starting using it immediately in this configuration. I understand it is open hardware and design info is available for it. 2 extra pins would have made it immediately useful with no mods for my labs.  Also I noticed the breadboard adaptor with the eight connections I need. Unfortunately it looks like the outer 2 pins are not accessible on the ADLM1000 as there is already a 6 pin connector soldered where an eight pin connector could almost fit. I say almost because the outer 2 holes look a little off of a 0.1 in spacing in line with the other 6. Are there any plans to change this to give easy access to independent ins and outs? I doubt it will change before the fall semester starts but it is possible if you already started plans to correct this issue.


Mark Allie