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Using ADE7878 with two voltage sensors

Question asked by iroberge on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2015 by hmani


I am using the ADE7878 in a configuration using two voltage sensors, like Figure 14 on AN-639.  I have a few questions:


- Although the Vbp input is not used, I am assuming that I should still connect the Vbp pin through a parallel RC to ground.  Is that correct?

- I've configured CONSEL[1:0] to 10, and from my limited testing, the phase B reading is being calculated correctly.  My setup makes it difficult to check an unbalanced scenario.  Are the calculations of the phase B voltage vector calculations, such that it will still be reasonable in an unbalanced system?  There was a note on AN-639 saying that a symmetrical, balanced system is assumed.

- Any other recommendations for this scenario?


Let me know what you think, thanks!