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Synchronising the AD9910

Question asked by mikaelis on Apr 7, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2012 by salmandinani

Dear EZ,


I'M using the AD9910 to generate FMCW waveforms (e.g. 100 - 200MHz).

The big challenge is to set up a synchronisation environment that allows me to trigger the waveform with the lowest possible trigger jitter. Thereby I mean that that the time from trigger pulse (e.g. established by an I/O_Update) to  the moment the waveform appears at the output should always be the same and vary by not more than 1 ps.


I understand that I need to synchronise the trigger pulse to the SYNC_CLK of the DDS to achieve this. I'm using 1GHz as the master clock, hence my SYNC_CLK has a frequency of 250MHz.

It's not that easy to establish a sync environment like that in the lab but in my final application I will use an FPGA for this task so this should be no problem.

Now comes the challenge:


I have another aux signal in my system that runs on a frequency of ~117.2 MHz. The FMCW waveform has to be coherent with this aux signal, too. That means, a rising edge of aux and the start of the fmcw waveform must always have the same delay. But a FMCW waveform start has to be synchronised to the internal 1GHz / 4 SYNC_CLK. To clarify that I attached a jpg file.

The problem is, that the aux rfequency of ~117.2MHz and the SYNC_CLK of 250MHz have nothing in common.


Sadly, I can't use another master clock than 1GHz (a master clock with a multiple of 117.2 would generate a SYNC_CLK frequency that is coherent to 117.2 MHz - but thats not possible in my system).


Do you have any suggestions? Is there a possibility to asynchronously trigger the DDS so that I don't have to wait for a rising edge of SYNC_CLK?


Any help or ideas are very much appreciated ... maybe anyone has a similar problem and found a solution to it