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Question asked by arelone on Jun 30, 2015
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I just found out a device AD5934 which is capable of measuring impedance and processing conductivity output. Based on my understanding from the CN-0349 that the device works with voltage excitation with frequency up to several hundreds kHz.I am using aqueous solution with conductivity range from 100uS/sm to 3mS/cm.  I would like to know if there is possibilities to use the AD5934 for conductivity measurement with current excitation? I'm using Howland current source to produce maximum current to 10mA with frequency ranging from 10kHz- 200kHz. My circuit require current injected to pair of electrode and measure the surface voltage from the remaining electrode pair. What I can see the AD5934 could solve my problem but I had no idea on how to make connections with the current source and surface potential measurements. Can anyone advice me how I to do it.