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Channel usage & Reset in AD9608

Question asked by Dhanapal on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by UmeshJ

1) In AD9608, whether the usage of Channel A  alone / Channel B alone is possible ? ; I hope it may be possible with Registers 0x05 & 0x14.But disabling channel A in not working for my case. (I want channel B only has to work)


2) My second issue is: after some unknown time of working, either of the channel of my ADC is getting reset as at digital reset or full power down mode.


3) How to use the power modes of AD9608 (Register 0x08)


4) What is the roll of reset in programming sequence.


5) Is there any power sequence required? Because my pbm1 &pbm2 is getting resolved temporarily with power reset.