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High Speed DAC for Xilinx zc706 evaluation board

Question asked by sdesu on Jun 29, 2015
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I needed to check my output from the FPGA Xilinx zc706 evaluation kit using the DAC so that I can check it on the oscilloscope. I require really high speed ie, sampling rate to be around 5 GSPS. I wanted to know which would be the best DAC that would support my usecase. I would prefer a board with more number of channels.  I was actually looking at AD9129 as it said 14-Bit, 5.6 GSPS, RF Digital-to-Analog Converter but don't know whether it is compatible with zc706 and also at AD9361 which is a 2 x 2 RF Agile Transceiver but also has 12 bit DACs and ADCs but what would be the sampling rate of the DAC.

Kindly suggest me a board that would best suit my needs(ie, feel free to suggest ones that I haven't mentioned either).


Sumukh Desu