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Zed Board Zynq and AD9361 - DMAC

Question asked by mlasher on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by DragosB

I am trying to get the Zed Board with FMComms3 (AD9361) working in an bare metal OS configuration using the example code checked into the ad9361 git repository.

I have used existing FMComms2 pre-built HW platform output files and also re-built an FMComms2 HW hdl project and used those files for the HW Platform Specification in the Xilinx SDK.

I then created a BSP based off the HW platform and then compiled the AD9361 bare Non-OS code using the XILINX_PLATFORM compile time specification.

My project for the most part runs fine. The TX|RX LOs and remaining parameters seem to set up just fine.

I try to read the DMA register address (0x80000000) that should be linked to the AD9361 ADC and I get no change in output when monitoring the Memory location 0x80000000 (+ the size of my capture).


1) Should the DMA work correctly with the Non-OS code and FMComms2 hdl files?

2) If not, can you please LMK what the correct DMA configuration is for the example AD9361 Non-OS program is? Hopefully, I don't have to create a new HW platform...

3) If so, what is the best way to debug this issue?