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Are spaces a problem for the CCES linker?

Question asked by Nybbler on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by Nybbler

I have been working with the BF518F evaluation board, and after running into issues with trying to edit the Ethernet drivers to run a completely different (proprietary) protocol, I decided I may have better luck starting with a fresh project. After changing some names to force the files to only use these new, local copies, I got everything compiling. The problem is that when it gets to the linker, it is failing, telling me that X does not exist, where X is only a partial path name. I did have earlier versions of the previous project building and loading onto the evaluation board.


The workspace has a space in the name, but the example projects I started with in there never had these types of linker errors. The difference seems to be that this new project also has a space in its name. Below are the errors being returned by the linker. The workspace name is "BF51x Evaluation," and the project name is "A-Net Test." I've tried going into the preprocessor properties to hard-code the location, and also to try adding quotes, but neither proved fruitful. The linker command line will not use the quotes I added, but the compiler adds the quotes on its own, and as a result, has no problems.


'Building target: A-Net Test.dxe'

Invoking: CrossCore Blackfin Linker'

cblkfn.exe -proc ADSP-BF518 -si-revision 0.2 -TC:/QVCS/BF51x\ Evaluation/A-Net\ Test/system/startup_ldf/app.ldf -no-mem -flags-link -MD_DEBUG,-MDDEBUG -flags-link -i,C:\QVCS\BF51x Evaluation\A-Net Test\system -add-debug-libpaths -o A-Net\ Test.dxe ./system/startup_ldf/app_cplbtab.doj ./system/startup_ldf/app_handler_table.doj ./system/startup_ldf/app_heaptab.doj ./system/startup_ldf/app_startup.doj ./system/pinmux/GeneratedSources/pinmux_config.doj ./system/adi_initialize.doj ./src/anet/emac/anet_emac.doj ./src/anet/emac/dp83848c_phy.doj ./src/anet/anet.doj ./src/A-Net\ Test.doj ../system/startup_ldf/app.ldf -flags-link -od,.\.

c3047: {D} error: `Evaluation\A-Net' does not exist

c3047: {D} error: `Test\system' does not exist

cblkfn.exe: 2 errors detected


My plan is to now re-create the project yet again, along with a new workspace, where there are no spaces in the names. I haven't found anywhere to change the name of the existing workspace. So, am I overlooking a way to fix this in the existing project? Or is this just a lesson learned to not use spaces in the directory structure with this product suite?