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AD9914 amplitude and phase modulation

Question asked by _USER_ on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2017 by sreevastav

Hi every body,


I'm using a FPGA Stratix III to control the DDS AD9914, i choose the parallel programming to configure it. Now i need to switch in direct mode to modulate the frequency, amplitude and phase.

So to do this i disable the profile mode, and DRG mode and leave only the data port modulation mode ON. and then i set OSK enable

After running the program, i see that there is only the frequency that change like a set, but the amplitude remain the same value at all the different signal.

I don't know what wrong ? I tried to work with the data port streaming to not give and update after any way, even when disable the streaming data port and give an update after any change of frequency, amplitude and phase..nothing

So if anyone can help me about the right CFR register configuration to do the modulation with direct mode. Or maybe tell me if the problem is not in the CFR configuration but in other hand.


Best regards