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Question about using VEE in HMC855

Question asked by Se-woong on Jun 28, 2015
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My customer is considering to use HMC855, but they need your confirmation about peripheral circuit design of HMC855.

As you know, HMC855 need negative voltage supply (VEE=-3.3V, GND=0V) at VEE pin, but they should use positive voltage (VEE=3.3V,GND=0V) at VEE pin.


So they need your confirmation whether they can use a posive voltage at VEE or not.

Would you confirm this?


And also would you recommand how to modify peripheral circuit design of HMC855 for using positive voltate at VEE pin.


Additionally, I attache a rough schematic which they want to implement with HMC855.

They want to connect Demux OCoutput to Xilinx ertex 7 FPGA and use LVDS type.

Please refer below schematic and let me know your opinion about below schematic and above their questions.




IF you have any questions, please let me know.