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EVAL CN0216 twice with Arduino

Question asked by Vorms on Jun 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by Brandon

I have a design to evaluate the CN0216 respectivly the AD 7791.

The design is with 3 scales.


When I use the board with one scale all is working as expected.


When I connecte 2 scales (each with his own Chip Select) the second scale is not working.


So I have one scale with cs=8 and the other with cs = 9.

If I use the first one or the second one it is running well.

If I use both, the scale with the cs = 9 is not working.

I am sure all cs are connected correctly.


For testing, i used the software provided by AD, just changing the CS in the *.ino code.

I put some trace in the library and in the Readdata method, all the time the cRDY variable is equal to 0.


I have to finish my software soon, so I need help..


Best regards and many thanks for your help in advance.


Thierry Vorms from Switzerland