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ADI DMAC  Linux Driver Developement

Question asked by Zc706-user on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by larsc

HI all,


I'm looking into creating a driver to fead data to a low data rate FB-MC-SS transmitter. Currently, it appears that the ADI DMAC can not be used as a DMA controller moving data from PS to PL without modifications to the kernel IIO library.  I've simulated DMA transactions in the hardware and made a small modification on the output side of the DMAC to permit pulling data from The DMAC internal FIFO when available. I'm thinking of doing the buffer management in the kernel, and I'm also tempted to insert a MAC into the the IIO library as well. I'd  rather not have to go to an RTOS no-os solution.  What are my options? Is it possible to use the no-os drivers in a Linux? Examples dealing with interrupts in a Linux environment would be useful as well.


Also, any info on what be done to directly interface IIO to the Linux IP stack.  I wrote a user space UDP server, but k


WIlling to share