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NxM Mixer (Linear) Addressing Error

Question asked by mharkins on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by mmmike

We're attempting to use a 19x18 instance of the NxM linear mixer in our project under Sigma Studio 3.11 Build 1, Rev 1356 and we're running into an addressing error for the mixer.  The numbering scheme appears to use the schem of 1used starts out indexing at 1ColRow.  So end up having multiple definitions when Col = 11 Row = 0 shows as an index of G1110 which is the same as Column = 1 row = 10.  Has anyone else run into this, or is this just an issue with this rev of Sigma Studio?




#define MOD_19X18MIXER_ALG0_NXNMIXER1940ALG1110_ADDR 1421


#define MOD_19X18MIXER_ALG0_NXNMIXER1940ALG1110_ADDR 1601