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[AD9102] Saw/Sin generator

Question asked by patlas on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by patlas


can somebody help mi with dealing with ad9102? I try to generate SAW or SIN signal on DDS output but nothing happened.

Thats my code:




  DDS_AD9102_writeReg(SPICONFIG, 0x00);

  DDS_AD9102_writeReg(POWERCONFIG, 0x00);

  DDS_AD9102_writeReg(CLOCKCONFIG, 0x00);

  DDS_AD9102_writeReg(DDS_TW32, 0x00);

  DDS_AD9102_writeReg(DDS_TW1, 100<<8);

  DDS_AD9102_writeReg(DAC_DGAIN, 0x400<<4);

  DDS_AD9102_writeReg(DACDOF, 0x00);

  DDS_AD9102_writeReg(WAV_CONFIG, 0x11); //0x31

  DDS_AD9102_writeReg(PAT_TYPE, 0x00);

  DDS_AD9102_writeReg(DAC_CST, 0xFFF0);

  DDS_AD9102_writeReg(WAV_CONFIG, 0x15);


  DDS_AD9102_writeReg(DDS_CONFIG, 1<<3);

  DDS_AD9102_writeReg(RAMUPDATE, 0x01);


  DDS_AD9102_writeReg(PAT_STATUS, 0x01);



Is it correct? Or maby someone could share with me proper setting to generate such kind of waveform?


P.S SPI communication is correct (can do wirte/read operation)