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ADN4605 4K HDMI Skew

Question asked by acm45 on Jun 26, 2015
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I'm about to design a board to switch 20 sources 4K HDMI (signals with 3.4Gbit/s throughput), the main idea is to use two ADN4605 with the configuration depicted in figure 50 (page 49 of datasheet), in the example the signals routed are HDMI and DVI that have 1.65Gbit/s throughput.

From the datasheet dynamic performance section I noticed that the channel-to-channel skew in the worst case is 200ps, I would like to minimize the skew due to the crosspoint switch within the single 4K HDMI quad lane protocol so I would like to know if this worst case is configuration sensitive or is fixed? If fixed, there's a input/output table with all skews?

Moreover, there's data about the switch-to-switch skew?


Thank you in advance