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ADIS16488 long-lasting performance

Question asked by ser_pl on Jun 25, 2015
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Our company uses ADIS16488 for several years now. A couple years ago I was informed at this forum that the sensors may change their performance with time, more precisely th scale gains for gyros and accelerometers may drift away from 1 and a bias for accelerometer measurements may occur. That is exactly what we observe. It is possible to compensate these effects with manual sensor calibraton and we clearly see performance improvement after such procedure.


Now we have several questions related to this issue:


1. Is the description above also applicable to ADIS16364? If yes, is it correct that the adis16364 doesn't have internal correction registers and we have to implement them in our own software?


2. How intensive do the scale factors and biases change with time? Do these changes occur during all life of the sensors or after a while the parameters settle at certain values? If they settle, is there at least rough estimate of the time, after which it happens?


3. What are the factors that influence the parameters change most? How can we minimize their effect? In a discussion before sensor mounting was mentioned, but we see that it's not the only factor.


4. Out of several sensors we have observed, that the scale factors of gyros or accelerometers of all axes change by more or less the same value. Is it a common pattern? One sensor, however, had one gyro scale error very different from the others. What could be a reason for it?


5. Another sensor changed the bias and scale after working in moist air. What could be a mechanism for this?