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Correct link placement for standard AD7732 Eval board use

Question asked by wts2015 on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by jcolao

Hello all,


I am using the EVAL-AD7732/34EBZ board and am having trouble getting it to connect to my computer.


What I've done: Powered the board to +/-15V, powered AVdd and DVdd to +5v, powered AGND and DGND to ground. I then connected an arbitrary waveform generator to the T0(the positive analog input) and T3(the negative analog input). Then, I plugged it into the computer and followed the instructions in the Easy Start program. When attempting to "Reset the Board", I get the error "Board can't be accessed".


So, I followed the instructions to download the hex file to the board. I removed LK28 and followed the instructions and supposedly it was succesful. Then, I tried following the instructions on the Easy Start program again. Still, I got the errors "Board can't be accessed".


The arbitrary waveform generator is giving out a sin wave 1Vpp and 1Hz.


Am I doing something wrong with the LK placements? Other than removing LK28, I haven't touched any of the links. Everything is on the board the way it was shipped from manufacturer. Any hints on getting this thing to communicate with the computer?