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Granularity of frequency in the AD9834 DDS

Question asked by bjcolo on Jun 25, 2015
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What clocks the chip? is it the MCLK or is it the numerically controlled oscillator (NCO)?  Though the text implies it, I don't see anything in the documentation showing an oscillator whose frequency is controlled as finely as 1 part in 2^28.  How is this possible?


It seems more logical that the MCLK clocks the chip.  But if that were so, an MCLK of 50MHz producing a 1MHz output frequency would have a granularity of 1 part in 50 - way too coarse.


My circuit does actually achieve frequency granularity of something like 1 part in 2^28 - I LOVE IT!  But how is such a finely tuned oscillator possible and how does it relate to the MCLK?