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tx_frame always high LVDS full duplex mode AD9364

Question asked by bhatnagar.vaibhav81 on Jun 25, 2015
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I am using KC705 with AD9364 and the ref design on Vivado2013.4 NoOS driver SDK.

I have integrated OFDM modulator demodulator 10MHz bandwith on KC705 with tx_fir disable/enable, it works perfact with the default software settings in LVDS mode, FDD enable there is no problem.

But, when I try to see the tx_frame signal and rx_frame signals from the test_points on AD9364, there is little problem


1.> the peak to peak voltage for tx signals are  higher than the lvds standard (500mV p-p on each test-point, 1Vp-p differential).

2.> tx_frame signals is always high but as per the timing of LVDS full duplex it supposed to indicate I and Q MSB and LSB on its rising and falling edge as it is shown on page 102 of reference manual of AD9364.

It is surprising because I have my OFDM modulator/demodulator working correct. Is there any other signal that can distinguish between MSB and LSB?

My main.c settings are attatched.


Could you please help me to invastigate this problem is it normal or is there something to do with noOS driver settings.


Thanks in advance.


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